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You believe your customer data should be working harder and delivering more value.  But two obstacles stand in your way:

  • Getting the right customer data together when it lives in silos across the organization.
  • Knowing how to turn that data into revenue.  

We have solved this in a way that is so fundamental it works in literally any industry.

Leverage Lab works with data rich organizations looking to deeply monetize their customer data

We use your customer data to answer basic questions about who your customers are, what they want from you, when they engage with you and where and how they want to be messaged.  Unlocking these key questions with AI, making those audiences available in your best in class marketing tools and guiding your teams to success is what we do.  If you want a market tested approach to leveraging your customer data to drive success, Leverage Lab is your best partner.


Leverage Lab works with data rich organizations looking to deeply monetize their customer data.  If capitalizing on your customer data moves your business forward, Leverage Lab is your best partner.

Leverage Lab is deeply rooted in B2B media.  Our first-party data driven campaign programs and audience delivery methodology are purpose built for the rich data and high value audiences abundant in the B2B media industry.

Building a known, deterministic first-party audience is top of mind for B2C media, as well as leveraging first-party data to the hilt around new data first revenue.

Riches are in the niches we like to say, and high value audiences, no matter how small, are valuable to buyers. Leverage Lab can help tap the full revenue potential of your niche media audience.

Smart organizations are looking at their customer data as a huge opportunity.  Leverage Lab works with data rich organizations from Ecommerce, Consumer Packaged Goods, Gaming, and more to extract the full value possible from your customer data.


Whether you are on the marketing side addressing the challenges from third-party cookie deprecation or a technologist looking to improve data availability without blowing up your technology stack or a business leader looking for outsize outcomes and operational efficiency, Leverage Lab solutions deliver success against your goals.

We de-silo customer data, unlocking rich behavioral insights, and apply a tried and tested methodology to turn low value prospects to high value customers. Why reinvent the wheel?  With our solutions, you are delivering improved outcomes in a fraction of the time.

Our lightweight data model uses data from your existing stack, and creates value quickly through our methodology and frameworks for activation. Our solutions don’t boil the ocean but provide a fast path to value delivery.

Your current investments in marketing technologies and solutions deliver more value because your enriched, segmented data is always on and delivered to the solutions where your teams live.  Competitive advantages are gained through a comprehensive data strategy and unique leverage of your greatest asset…your customer data.

How Can We Help You?

  • Develop and implement a successful digital marketing strategy
  • Improve customer experience and satisfaction
  • Expand customer base and market share
  • Improve marketing ROI and efficiency
  • Increased revenue through targeted and effective advertising campaigns
  • Competitive advantage through leveraging first party data for personalization

Enterprise Customer Data Infrastructure (ECDI) to collect and unify customer data from various sources

  • Leverage Labs lightweight data model that doesn’t “boil the ocean” 

Infinite Customer Journey (ICJ) segmentation methodology

  • Personalized campaigns across multiple channels and touchpoints
  • Optimization and testing of campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Proprietary scoring models for assessing advertising effectiveness
  • Clear approach to first party data strategy
  • Flexible model for first party data strategy that drives organizational change management
We have the master key to unlock the power
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