Why Leverage Lab

Our laser focus on delivering improved revenue outcomes from your customer data is why Leverage Lab is partnered with some of the biggest brands in the world.

We are purpose built for this work with technical, strategic and tactical resources

Whether working within your existing technology stack to drive new revenue, or constructing your efficient, scalable data infrastructure from pure play or composable solutions, Leverage Lab brings deep expertise and solutioning from both a technical and strategic point of view.  Our people, processes and technology improve outcomes and creates more value for your customer and for your organization

Optimize Marketing Technology Stack

De-siloing your data and consolidating data infrastructure eliminates insights living in some, but not all of your marketing tools.  

We leverage AI to deliver insights on your customer data,  in managed in the cloud and distributed across all of your marketing tools.  

Use the power of your customer data from an aggregated higher brain to inform your marketing and solutioning across your technology stack, delivering increased value from your current investments

Leverage Lab’s deep expertise with customer data platforms, from implementation to full operationalization, runs across a wide variety of industries. Leverage Lab has created a proven approach to delivering optimal value from your CDP by focusing the power of your customer data to drive low value prospects to high value customers.

Leverage Lab’s composable CDP solutions deliver effective and efficient customer data infrastructure using composable tools.  Perfect for organizations looking for scale flexibility and speed to value.

Best in class email and marketing automation platforms are where your teams live and where the value of your customer data should live.  Leverage Lab ensures the data available in your best in class solution is informed with the most complete and enriched data from your robust customer data infrastructure.

Better Return On Ad Spend and Overall Results

Any paid media campaign benefits from the level of targeting possible from first-party data. 

Applying first-party data to paid media guarantees improved performance across the entire customer journey, from top of funnel lookalike audience building to precision targeting based on lifecycle stage and interest, to acquisition through precise offers and retention and customer value reinforcement through informed messaging.

Leverage Lab excels at utilizing your audience data to drive audience growth and deliver engagement – both critical to full monetization. Your audience is only valuable when it’s engaged and Leverage Lab brings an end-to-end solution to growth and engagement.

Leverage Lab’s infrastructure, team and data expertise combine with our strategic focus on value delivery to make us a natural partner for your media execution.

Events are a powerful revenue play for media organizations and serve as meaningful audience engagement tactics as well.  We believe your event programs should be marketed holistically in the customer lifecycle.  Leverage Lab manages event marketing for some of the largest events in the industry.

Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Leverage Lab’s data infrastructure solutions include completely cloud-based solutions to provide cost efficiency, scale and speed to market.  We believe your data is yours and should live in an environment completely open to the teams and platforms that need your powerful customer data, enriched by Leverage Lab.

Leverage Lab’s solutions are built on the Google Cloud platform for security and scalability.  From cost effective data management to state of the art AI tools, Leverage Lab’s infrastructure, reporting and data visualization on Google Clouds delivers performance and cost efficiency our clients require.

Your data belongs to you and should be safely, securely, and readily available to your teams and marketing platforms. Our solutions are purpose-built to liberate your data from solutions that lock away your opportunities.

Leverage Lab maintains the industry’s highest safety certification standards – ISO 27001. This guarantees your data is being managed at the highest level of security.

Quantifiable Results & Reduced Infrastructure Costs

At every step of the way, Leverage Lab provides robust reporting and quantifies results in a clear and concise way.  Growth and profitability can both be achieved through first party data strategy with Leverage Lab.  Delivering better outcomes across the customer lifecycle and monetizing audiences in new ways delivers clear quantified growth.

The investments you make in your tech stack can be optimized with complete and enriched data.  However the best in class solutions are always changing.  We believe in an infrastructure that supports what serves your business, and we are your best partner in building and optimizing your technology investments.

Real-World Success Stories

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Decrease in Subscriber Acquisition Cost

A B2B Media Organization in the healthcare space was looking to grow a publication vertical that had a small initial audience – an audience not large enough to sell advertising campaigns against – as well as promote for industry events.

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