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Solve the death of third-party data with your first-party data.

Why It Works

Leverage Lab has been at the forefront of leveraging customer data to drive business value. We have developed a battle-tested approach to growing high-value customers using your customer data. We have perfected the path to organizing your customer data to drive personalization across your customers journey to drive increased revenue.

We deliver:

  • Our proprietary lightweight data model that powers personalization with only the data necessary. We don’t “boil the ocean” and can assemble data from any source to build a robust, unified customer profile.
  • Always-on, data models that leverage AI to deliver real-time insights about the value, interests and engagement of all your customers and prospects. These “levers” are used to develop finely tuned audience segments delivered to your channels.
  • A groundbreaking approach to capturing user-level insights from your campaign activity to further enrich your unified customer profiles. For the first time, you can add actionable targeting data from your campaign work back to your data set to build more effective campaigns.

Start leveraging the value of your first-party customer data with Leverage Lab today.

Grow 40% Faster Than Your Competition Through Personalized Customer Experiences

Organize Data

Leverage Lab simplifies the complexities of data, decisions (data science), and delivery of personalized customer experiences, helping companies to:

  • Drive growth by unlocking potential of first-party data
  • Optimize marketing strategies
  • Gain competitive advantage in their industry

With Leverage Lab as your partner in personalization at scale, organizations struggling to leverage their first-party data to deliver a competitive advantage can benefit from:

  • Deep expertise and strategic consulting practices
  • Adoption of the Infinite Customer Journey Methodology
  • Increased value from customer data and technology investments
Drive Revenue

Leverage Lab empowers organizations to drive business value through their customer data, offering a systematic approach to:

  • Transform low-value prospects into high-value customers
  • Improve customer journey outcomes
  • Deliver personalized experiences and personalized on-site messaging that boost revenue and customer satisfaction
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