Helping Media Companies Scale with First-Party Data

Media organizations face an onslaught of challenges that threaten their very existence, from traffic zapping and measurement eluding changes from big tech, to regulatory pressures and consumer privacy needs, to the lionshare of available revenues going to the walled gardens.  

The key to combating these challenges is first-party data and no one is more focused on organizing, building, and leveraging first-party data to drive revenue than Leverage Lab.  

Our approach has generated more than $50 Million in new revenue for our partners

Since our founding in 2017, we’ve provided numerous high-value audience members to their respective brands.

Leverage Lab’s holistic approach is to liberate audience data across the enterprise, organize and enrich that data in ways that are purpose built to drive value fast, apply our proprietary and tested strategic approach and deliver organizational insights that create new revenue opportunities.  

You could spend massive amounts of time, resources, energy and money to build your own first party data solutions.  

Or you can realize the possibilities in weeks not years with Leverage Lab.

Do you want to unlock the value of your data?

Do you want to unlock the value of your data?

Do you want to unlock the value of your data?

Do you want to unlock the value of your data?

Do you want to unlock the value of your data?

Net New Revenue

  • Leverage Lab has created a suite of first-party data driven marketing solutions that deliver results your advertisers want as well as insights they cannot get anywhere else.  
  • With more than $50 Million in new revenue created for our partners, Leverage Lab’s solutions are repeatable, proven, and scalable to drive long term value for your enterprise.
  • Delivering high value audiences to your in-person or virtual event programs is a critical need for media organizations.  
  • The days of single channel, email-centric marketing programs have gone and new omnichannel, personalized marketing approaches are required.
  • Leverage Lab’s approach to delivering high value event attendees relies on insights from your audience data combined with disciplined digital marketing tactics to create a robust and engaged audience.
  • Leverage Lab delivers high value event attendees for some of the premier B2B events in the industry, reliably and cost effectively.

Event Marketing

Audience Acquisition

  • Your audience (first-party data) and its engagement with your organization is the key to every pathway of monetization.  
  • Deeply understanding how your audience engages, what interests them and where they prefer to engage can open the doors to new lines of substantial revenue.
  • Leverage Lab’s approach to growing audiences relies on the valuable audience data you possess to create the highest performing path to new audience acquisition and ongoing audience retention.
  • Our omnichannel campaign tactics drive your prospect audiences to opt-in and your current audience members to continue engaging, creating the audience value you need to deeply monetize.
  • Your audience data is your greatest asset and to fully realize its value, it must be easily available to your organization.  
  • The modern media enterprise utilizes a wide range of technologies to serve its advertising and marketing solutions, which creates customer data silos and disconnected user insights.
  • Leverage Lab has created a lightweight, cloud-based audience data infrastructure that connects your audience data together, enhances your audience profiles with behavioral signals and powers new data driven solutions for advertisers, rich insights for your teams, and paves the way for data solutions of the future.
  • With your enterprise data connected, enriched and living in the cloud, you will finally understand your users at a level never seen before, and power the monetization opportunities of your dreams.

Audience Data Infrastructure

Analytics & Insights

  • Data visualization is a core competency of Leverage Lab.  Bringing valuable insights to light through robust dashboards and reporting is a key capability of Leverage Lab.  Whether we power your in-house team with robust data to turn into stories or through our dashboard environments, your data comes to life with Leverage Lab.
  • Discover insights around the 5 key journalistic questions every organization has.  Each user, both known and unknown, in your ecosystem is enriched with AI driven analytic scores.

The Five Key Journalistic Questions


What is the current value of every member of my audience both known and unknown, to my organization?  Tailored to your specific customer journey, you can know precisely how many users fall into each stage of value.


What are the content interests of my audience at subject?  Finally understand the topics of most interest to every user in your ecosystem.  We utilize Generative AI to extract and rank key topics from every item of content in your ecosystem and create a score for each user based on their content consumption.  


How engaged are your users across the key channels where they interact?  Based on our engagement scores you can fine tune your campaigns and messages based on where people are in their engagement with your brands.

Where and How?

From our unique audience data infrastructure, we understand the channels and messaging that best supports engagement.  The campaigns you run will inform your audience profiles with rich information about what works and what doesn’t in campaign activation. 

We have the master key to unlock the power
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