What to Expect in a Third-Party Cookieless World

No more cookie?

Here at Leverage Lab, we are having a lot of conversations with both our publisher and advertising clients about what to expect when Chrome turns off support for third-party cookies in 18 months. The short answer is it’s anyone’s guess, but in the meantime we expect digital scale to become more challenging for advertisers to achieve as publishers scramble to fill the gap with contextual targeting and leveraging their first-party data to surface audience segments.

We do see these uncertainties as a net positive for the independent publishers that make up the open-web. It’s an opportunity to reimagine the programmatic media buying apparatus in a more equable way; where publishers get rewarded for attracting and engaging audiences relevant to advertisers and consumer privacy is better protected.

Below are a few resources to help wrap your arms around the issues facing the open-web ad ecosystem.

Digital ID

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