Empowering Media with Strategic Alliance Leverage Lab and AUDIENCES Announce Partnership to Transform First-Party Data Activation and Monetization

Partnership Empowers Publishers and Brands to Unleash the Full Potential of First-Party Data

Leverage Lab recently announced an exciting strategic partnership with AUDIENCES (weareaudiences.com), a UK-based technology company. AUDIENCES created an innovative, privacy compliant solution for delivering first party audiences to advertising channels. AUDIENCES is now available in combination with Leverage Lab’s lightweight, cloud-based audience data infrastructure platform and supported by our revenue solutions and services, purpose-built to monetize first party data for media. This partnership not only expands Leverage Lab’s infrastructure capabilities but also opens new market opportunities for both organizations. In a recent interview, Leverage Lab’s AnnMarie Wills, CEO and Co-Founder and Rob McLaughlin, CEO and Founder of AUDIENCES discussed the partnership in depth.

Give a little background on where you are coming from in regard to First Party Data?

Leverage Lab is dedicated to advancing and powering the media industry through its greatest asset, its own first party data. We have worked with numerous publishers to dramatically change their advertising and marketing solution sets, enhance their market perception as data driven organizations, and change the trajectory of their business by deeply leveraging their first-party data.

AUDIENCES enables brands & publishers to bring their first-party data directly to advertising in a privacy & security safe approach. By operating within an organization’s infrastructure, AUDIENCES accelerates the activation of first-party data in advertising, realizing commercial and wider monetization opportunities faster and with more control. AUDIENCES is dedicated to leading the industry in accelerating the activation of first-party data.

What brought AUDIENCES and Leverage Lab together? 

Our strategic partnership with AUDIENCES is so natural and opportunistic on multiple levels. Our shared passion and experience leveraging customer data to drive revenue, advertising efficiency and improved advertising effectiveness is deeply relevant to both publishers and the brands they serve. It’s no secret that marketers are behind the power curve when it comes to their post third-party cookie preparedness. Publishers are also unsure how well prepared they are for the first-party data future. The future is bright but requires first-party data organization, tooling, and mindset shifts.

Partnering with Leverage Lab is incredibly exciting, for AUDIENCES this signals a major move into the publisher vertical but also establishes a firm foothold within the U.S. market. We have been working with AnnMarie and the Leverage Lab team for an extended period of time now and this partnership builds on a strategic alignment which was clear from the outset of our relationship.

What’s the big opportunity for publishers and brands that AUDIENCES + Leverage Lab is creating?

Through our partnership we are creating the Modern Audience Activation Platform as an end-to-end solution fully in the cloud, fully privacy compliant to current and future global standards, with endless scale and extensibility. The first-party data future is not creating new silos of data within the enterprise but locating your customer data in an enterprise infrastructure with rich connections to all the channels where your audiences live. Bringing AUDIENCES and Leverage Lab together is a natural and revolutionary approach to freeing your customer data and realizing its full potential and value.

Monetization of audiences has always been a value driver for businesses leveraging AUDIENCES; publishers and brands alike have been accelerating activation of first-party data with AUDIENCES. Leverage Lab brings deep expertise regarding audience monetization within the publisher eco-system and their capabilities are proven across the industry. The launch of our partnership and joint proposition represents an advance for the industry, for the first time addressing the need to build and trade first-party data driven audiences with services and solutions which take publishers from data collection to monetization.

What other big opportunities do you foresee from your combined forces?

The geographic synergy between AUDIENCE’s presence in the UK & Europe matched with Leverage Lab’s reach in the United States brings a further powerful benefit to this partnership. The two markets have provided rich opportunities for refining the opportunities within first-party data activation with corresponding differences in regulation and adoption of methodologies across the industry. By combining learnings and approaches publishers and brands will now receive the latest and most relevant support in accelerating audience monetization via first-party data.

I’m in complete agreement with Rob, the market expansion is an incredible opportunity on its own, but working with Rob and his team is another game changer. Leverage Lab’s services models and infrastructure building skills combined with security and privacy compliant first-party data activation tools from AUDIENCES is a combination ideal for organizations seeking fast value from first-party data. It’s the people, process, technology combo for the ages!

Join us for a special episode of The Growth Lab webinar series as we explore the resurgence of publishers and the importance of first-party data. Joined by the founders of AUDIENCES, we’ll discuss cookieless targeting, data privacy, and maximizing first-party data opportunities. 

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