Demystifying Third-Party Cookies

What Cookie Deprecation Means for B2B Media Companies

We in the media industry are on the front lines of the cookiepocolypse.  For the past few years the amount of information explaining the third-party cookie, highlighting its history and pontificating about its demise has taken up the air in the room. Now that the end is finally in sight, the true impact is already being felt by many but understood by few. 

The nature of the B2B media industry has prepared us for this historic time.  The advertising apparatus dominating the industry for the past 20 years is going through a massive shift and first party data, long the differentiating hallmark of our business, is the answer. It’s time to take back our power and unlock incredible opportunities for our marketing partners and ourselves.  

We have scoured the globe (internet) to assemble the most contextually relevant information about the post cookie impacts on B2B media companies and our B2B marketing partners. 

We will share:

    • A quick contextually relevant primer on the third-party cookie.  Even if you think you know everything about 3rd party cookies, you’ll learn something new.
    • B2B marketer case studies about making the cookieless leap with insights you might not expect.
    • Overviews of the prevailing advice B2B marketers are getting from the digital marketing industry and how you can position your solutions to gain more business.

You think you may know everything about the third-party cookie but we guarantee you will walk away with a newfound understanding of the revenue opportunity the crumbling cookie creates.

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Meet the Hosts

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AnnMarie Wills

CEO & Co-Founder

AnnMarie brings more than 20 years of experience helping media organizations maximize their data competency and opportunity.  During her career AnnMarie has conceptualized, built and launched numerous data products for notable companies like Penton Media, Knight Ridder, SourceMedia and Vance Publishing.  

As a pioneer in evolving audience development practices and creating value from first-party data, AnnMarie is a regular panelist and speaker for Folio: and Editor and Publisher and Connectiv. 

In addition to her experience in the Media industry AnnMarie has led digital agency teams delivering insights, performance marketing services and data sciences projects for such notable clients as Microsoft (Azure, Dynamics, Windows 10), Hallmark Cards and Crayola.

AnnMarie is passionate about helping media brands large and small, see the opportunity and power in their data.  She believes the media industry is in a critical evolutionary period where technology and strategy converge, and those that can evolve beyond traditional thinking while harnessing the power of technology will win.  

John French

CEO & Owner

A media industry leader and turn-around expert, John earned his reputation by taking on challenging roles and producing results.  A true force in the B2B information industry, he has served in top positions of leading companies, including Penton Media, Inc., then the largest independent B2B media company in the US, serving 30 industries with more than 900 media products.

John has led major media restructures, mostly recently orchestrating the turn-around and acquisition of Bonhill, USA to Key Media. Currently John leverages his experience mentoring CEOs and Executive Management who wish to transform their companies into growth engines at French LLC.