Audience Insights Driving Campaign Improvements


Sophisticated marketers are looking for more value from their media partners.  They want more insight and intelligence on their high value audience. Unfortunately many media companies struggle to provide anything more than simple deliver metrics.


Leverage Lab worked with a life sciences publisher to harness the value in their first party data.  Leverage Lab organized their user data in a smart CDP system and leaned on the technology to create sophisticated content marketing campaigns personalized to a variety of high value decision makers.  As their high value audience interacted with the campaigns, their behaviors and content choices were aggregated and delivered to the marketers in the form of real-time dashboards. These dashboards presented critical insights about the hard to reach audience.  Valuable insights like channel preference, content preference, account penetration, account penetration by title and more were delivered to marketing partners.


Many of the marketing partners have never seen the level of insight available from a niche media organization and resulted in 3X growth in marketing services revenue.  Activating audience first party data, to create highly personalized campaigns resulting in significant growth in new revenue.

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