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We’ve been on a winning streak, adding new clients in various industries since January. One of the things we are most proud of here at Leverage lab is our incredible client retention. Even in a competitive, performance-focus market, in the last 5 years, we have worked hard to retain more than 90% of all the clients we’ve ever worked with. It just goes to show, that when you do great work for great clients, great things happen. 

If you know other customer-data-centric organizations that are struggling to move from data chaos to clarity, we’d love to get an introduction

We welcome the following organizations to Leverage Lab:

Hart Energy Since 1973, Hart Energy has been the global energy industry’s comprehensive source for news, data and analysis that inform business and technology decisions.

Surratt Beauty – Surratt creates sophisticated, superior-quality makeup and tools that deliver uncomplicated, pro-level results. From the beauty-obsessed to the pro and non-pro alike, Surratt puts artistry at everyone’s fingertips.

Lineal Lineal has pioneered new business models that law firms and corporate legal departments need to sustain a competitive advantage and drive significant economic value.

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