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Every media organization is looking for growth, but only a fraction are getting FULL value from their customer data.

Who We Are

We have spent years building an audience data infrastructure, connecting hundreds of customer data tools unique to our industry, that scales in the cloud, to provide optimized cost efficiency.

We drive value across the entire media enterprise, leveraging your powerful audience data combined with our expertise, to grow audience, revenue and new product opportunities.

With Leverage Lab your customer data will deliver quantifiable results that create business value while decreasing infrastructure costs.

With $50 Million in new revenue created for our partners since Leverage Lab was founded, we bring the people, processes and technology necessary to capture all the value from your customer data. Our focus on revenue production and audience growth ensures the results growth-oriented media companies crave.

Media faces Big Tech changes, regulations, privacy, and revenue challenges. Leverage Lab excels in first-party data; we unlock, enrich, strategize, and create revenue opportunities.

Your audience is vital. Leverage Lab’s expertise maximizes audience value, delivering digital solutions and intelligence-driven marketing for revenue growth.

We maximize event success with high-value audiences from your own data. Precision and efficiency through behavioral insights and your customer data.

Leverage Lab’s cloud-based audience data infrastructure liberates your data, unlocking its full potential for monetization, regardless of your current tools.

Our AI-driven Scoring unlocks valuable insights about every user, helping you understand their value, content interests, and engagement for monetization.

Brands We’ve Grown

B2B Brands Served
2400 +
Total New Revenue Generated
$ 10 Million
Unique B2B Profiles Managed
10 Million
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How Media Companies Can Transform Data into Profit

Join us in this webinar series as we dive deep into the strategies, insights, and innovations that drive revenue and audience growth in the ever-evolving media landscape.