Rapid Product Development


A B2B Financial Media company created a significant line of new revenue by leveraging the power of their audiences and first party data.


A suite of new marketing services was launched in less than 18 months by the Leverage Lab team.  The team leveraged deep and robust first party data contained in their CDP system to create compelling customer audience segments.  These segments were then shared with a demand side platform (DSP) for activation in the digital channel. They were also shared as custom audiences in Facebook and Instagram, as well as their Marketing Automation System.  All of these audience segments were offered to high value marketing partners as both ala carte or as an orchestrated content marketing program across all channels.


By creating a compelling, new value proposition in the marketplace, this media organization pulled in new advertisers, reinvigorated lapsed advertisers and created a new story in the investment community.  Activating first-party data to create personalized and orchestrated campaigns for sophisticated marketers, which resulted in significant new revenue.

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