Growth Hacking New Known Audience


Converting unknown to known users was not just a “nice to have” for this B2B organization but mission critical to all revenue models.  Before Leverage Lab, this media organization had user data in silos across the organization.


Leverage Lab knew that creating personalized engagement offers based on the behaviors of unknown people could help compel them to engage more deeply.  Even to the point of providing details about themselves to become known. Generating more known users could create more revenue opportunities in events, newsletters and more.  Starting with only 350,000 known users but literally millions of site visitors, Leverage Lab helped guide a series of personalized email signup promotions.


By harnessing personalization and first party data like user behavior, this organization grew their known audience dramatically from 350,000 to 1.5M.  This growth build a tremendous resource and asset they they used to create personalized paid subscription offers, event offers, and new marketing services.  Leverage Lab helped them launch new paid subscription and Account Based Marketing solutions.

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