New Brand. New Products. More Growth.

(May 3, 2022, Kansas City, MO) Leverage Lab, a leader in driving value from first-party data, announced a rebrand today. It coincides with the firm’s fifth anniversary which occurred on May 1, 2022 and helps align it for the next stage of growth.

“We’ve witnessed the quick demise of third-party cookies and the complexity brands and companies are facing when it comes to first-party data strategies. The subtle yet significant changes to our brand, messaging, products and services are a reflection of what we’re able to achieve for companies who seek to extract the value their first-party data holds in the midst of digital transformation,” said AnnMarie Wills, CEO of Leverage Lab. 

Leverage Lab is on a mission to help companies, brands and organizations reach a deeper level of engagement with their customers and spark new ideas to boost revenue. The need to refine and elevate the brand became evident after discussions with key partners and clients across a wide array of industries, from media organizations to the top CPGs, B2B and QSRs. 

“We may be one of the best-kept secrets,” said Wills. 

The rebrand includes a fresh logo with a nod to the data-science approach Leverage Lab brings to the table. The tagline, Connect Better, a double entendre reinforces the ways Leverage Lab helps brands and companies connect better with their valuable customers and the customer data silos companies are attempting to tie together. A new website, sales and marketing materials and campaign are also part of the revamp. 

“Our team of strategists, data scientists, data engineers and campaign managers work hard to remove the fragmented silos many companies deal with when forming first-party data strategies. For marketing and technology executives, getting a clear view of data can be complete chaos,” said Matt Bramble, Chief Strategy Officer. “When we are brought in during the early stages, we provide a solid framework for scalable growth with clarity for every stage of the customer journey.”

The firm is also rolling out two new products. RECOMMEND is a recommendation tool that goes beyond the prevalent yet simple purchase recommendation to deliver a more human shopping experience. OPTIMIZE is a media optimization and audience activation product for enterprise-level advertisers. It helps advertisers reach a higher return on ad spend. The firm has added five new clients since January 2022.

“The work we’re doing is both challenging and invigorating. We’re enabling some of the top brands around the world to leverage the full value of their data and continuously learn from each decision they make. All this improves customer experience and drives amazing business outcomes,” said Major Baisden, Chairman and partner of the firm.

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