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Many of our clients count on us to implement first-party data strategies and build an infrastructure to help them reach their goals. Some may not realize our work goes well beyond to include all aspects of the customer journey, even deep into the omni channel shopping experience. Through discussions with our customers, observing shifts and challenges in the market and always thinking about what’s next, we are launching two new products. Both have been road-tested with clients and have shown proven success.

Recommend is a recommendation tool that goes beyond the prevalent yet simple purchase recommendation to deliver a more human shopping experience. Optimize is a media optimization and audience activation product for enterprise-level advertisers. It helps advertisers reach a higher return on ad spend. We’ll dive deep into each of these new products in future issues.

In this issue, we spotlight our Discover services. Most engagements begin with discovery. Our team of consultants works closely with you to identify digital transformation opportunities with a customer data-centric focus.

Our ongoing consulting work with the leading Customer Data Platforms (Treasure Data, Lytics, Simon Data, etc.), means we can provide an unbiased approach based on your unique industry, target audiences and specific needs. Our deep vertical experience matched with a laser focus on business outcomes, means we’re here to guide you to the best investment vs. pushing a particular platform that may not suit your goals. Here, Leverage Lab’s proprietary use case discovery and prioritization methodology go to work.

We guide our clients and develop strategic recommendations in various ways including:

  • First-party data use case discovery
  • Personalization and recommendation strategies
  • Organizational change management
  • Digital transformation playbooks
  • Customer data fabric discovery

If you know of a company that needs help detangling their data chaos for better clarity, let us know. We’d love to talk.

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