A More Human Shopping Experience

Most recommendation solutions are essentially dumb robots unable to reliably understand humans behavior. Sure, they might use basic machine learning models that consider purchase history to serve up more of the same products or just an assortment of trending products. Even the more sophisticated solutions that use behavioral data and predictive modeling of a CDP (Customer Data Platform) might only deliver “next best” options for a customer. None of which is approaching human. 

That’s why we focus on the human shopping experience since human beings are complex. 

Recommend from Leverage Lab mimics actual human behavior. It uniquely captures data points from a broader spectrum of the customer journey and serves up unique recommendations that robots and AI locked in a platform fail to find. The result is a more human shopping experience for your customer and a revenue boost for your company. 

With Recommend from Leverage Lab, you get:

  • Weighted personalization to manage anomaly behaviors
  • Recommendations that fully leverage first-party data collected by your CDP
  • More human recommendations that leverage data such as local weather, holidays, location and inventory availability to match the context of your customer’s unique shopping experience
  • Continuous improvement based on data science and the user’s behavior
  • Lightning-fast, contextual recommendations to optimize shopping experiences, delivered omnichannel
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