Smarter Media Planning & Buying

As third-party anonymous identifiers and DMP cookies reach their demise, it’s time for a new, strategic approach for smarter media buying and placements. 

Optimize from Leverage Lab works in tandem with your customer data infrastructure or CDP (Customer Data Platform). Optimize leverages your full breadth of addressable audience segments from first-, second- and third-party data sources to sharply define the audience you desire. No matter the source of data, from Market Panels to Addressable Unknown IDs, first-party data to third-party data, Optimize leverages all the data points to hit a more accurate target. 

Think of Optimize as a DMP, CRM and CDP getting together and forming the best of all worlds. 

The result is stronger target accuracy at first meaningful touchpoints, deeper match rates and better performance from activation channels. Optimize from Leverage Lab is always learning, improving and building from goals to take your campaigns and media placements to a whole new level.

With Optimize, you get:

  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) improvement as high as 150% through smarter audience targeting
  • Fast, scalable and customizable options to fit your unique media needs
  • Planning tools to enable the creation of novel known and anonymous high-value first-party audience segments to the most lucrative paid activation channels
  • Robust analytics for high-level and drill-down visibility into performance
  • Continuous learning and optimization that maximizes reach and spend 
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