A Proven Boost for Marketers

Looking for ways to monetize your data? You likely have more opportunity than you think and it’s more valuable than you realize. Leverage Lab can aid operationalization by providing managed services or through enablement services focused on training existing teams and agencies. 

Monetize focuses on direct monetization through our first-party data marketing services and road-tested marketers’ playbook that includes products such as Brand Boost, Content Boost and Content Boost with Leads. Our proven formula has fueled many media organizations and publishers with new revenue streams and an arsenal of tools to grow their business. 

A few of our popular services include: 

  • Customer Journey Management – Managed services focused on improving the customer journey
  • Customer Journey Management Enablement – Training and adoption coaching for internal teams and agencies
  • Revenue Lab – First-party data advertising products that create net new revenue for publishers and increased return on ad spend (ROAS) for its advertisers. 

Revenue Lab helps publishers better monetize first-party data to create net new revenue for the organization, and increase return on ad spend for advertisers. This is achieved by decoupling audiences from inventory and targeting audiences via offsite display network, social media, and email. Advanced dashboard reporting also positions your media sales reps as consultants with valuable insights for advertisers during and after a campaign, which helps lead to repeat business. 

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