What We Believe

A healthy open-web is the laboratory in which tomorrow’s essential ideas are born. Leverage Lab helps online publishers, member organizations, and brands responsibly leverage first-party data to uncover insights, deliver personalized experiences, and nurture meaningful relationships between audiences and brands.

Our goal is to restore advertising’s humanity without sacrificing profit or privacy.

01. Humanity in Advertising

Advertising has lost its humanity.

We believe people are individuals and amazing specimens of diversity, not digital cookies.

Brands and marketers have been tricked into thinking that third-party data “targets” are equivalent to first-party relationships.

Marketers need to move from robotically managing advertisements, to systematically creating trust.

02. Empowering Businesses

We empower businesses to be better.

We know that unifying data is the only way to build personalized experiences.

We do not see data as 0’s and 1’s. We see insight and power. We manage that data fearlessly and easily… it’s what we do.

Turning that data into personal communication is complex but we make it clearer.

03. Impersonal Experiences

Human beings deserve personalized experiences.

For too long, we have seen the marketing and advertising industry use bad data and bland homogenous messaging to try to create a connection.

We’ve witnessed the incredible waste and harm caused by shoddy third-party data.

We know that speaking to your customers and prospects as people will make a tremendous difference to them and to you.