Robust Tech Implementation

We build comprehensive first-party data infrastructures, often including one of the top Customer Data Platforms (CDP) and integration with 100s of other systems and platforms. We remove the chaos and fragmented silos of data so you have more clarity. No one offers a deeper or broader amount of customer data integration that puts information at your team’s fingertips than Leverage Lab. 

The Enterprise Customer Data Infrastructure (ECDI) is a custom data warehouse environment created to support a highly efficient CDP implementation and support enterprise customer data needs that may not be well supported by the CDP. Our team has implemented more CDPs in the past five years than any other provider. 

Everything we do powers true, personalized messaging at every stage of the customer journey, to add more revenue for your business.

Implementations may involve any or all of the following, based on unique needs.

  • CDP implementation on many of the top CDPs
  • Enterprise Customer Data Infrastructure
  • Systems Integration
  • Custom Development
Data infrastructures
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