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Revenue Lab

Media-Centric Services

First-party data strategy is critical to the future of the media industry. Revenue Lab is a comprehensive solution offered by Leverage Lab that empowers media and publishing companies to monetize their opted-in audiences through the strategic development of first-party data products.

With infrastructure development, product strategy, sales enablement, and production services, Revenue Lab has helped numerous media organizations generate nearly $75M in revenue growth by leveraging their first-party data assets.

Monetize opted-in audiences with Leverage Lab's Revenue Lab.

Leverage Lab’s Revenue Lab enables media and publishing companies to transform their opted-in audience data into valuable revenue streams through targeted advertising campaigns, content personalization, and strategic partnerships.

Tap into enhanced audience insights through Leverage Lab's comprehensive first-party data solution.

By leveraging Leverage Lab’s data infrastructure and analytics capabilities, media and publishing companies gain deeper audience insights and understand content interests and consumption behaviors, empowering them to create more engaging and personalized experiences for their audiences.

Deliver successful campaigns with Leverage Lab's white-label digital agency support.

Leverage Lab acts as an ongoing white-label digital agency, providing comprehensive production services, including email and landing page production, creative advertising placements, and robust analytics dashboards, supporting media partners in delivering successful campaign programs.

Drive revenue with future-proof data strategies from Leverage Lab.

With the challenges posed by third-party cookie deprecation and regulatory issues, Leverage Lab’s Revenue Lab offers media and publishing companies a future-proof approach to harnessing first-party data, ensuring continued growth and success in a changing digital landscape.

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