Media Industry

Leverage Lab’s Revenue Lab enables media and publishing companies to transform their opted-in audience data into valuable revenue streams through targeted advertising campaigns, content personalization, and strategic partnerships. Merchandise and monetize your high-value audience​ with Leverage Lab.

Personalized Customer Experience

By leveraging Leverage Lab’s data infrastructure and analytics capabilities, media and publishing companies gain deeper audience insights and understand content interests and consumption behaviors, empowering them to create more engaging and personalized experiences for their audiences.

White-Label Digital Agency

With Revenue Lab, Leverage Lab acts as an ongoing white-label digital agency, providing comprehensive production services, including email and landing page production, creative advertising placements, and robust analytics dashboards, supporting media partners in delivering successful campaign programs.

Overcome 3rd Party Cookie Death

With the challenges posed by third-party cookie deprecation and regulatory issues, Leverage Lab’s Revenue Lab offers media and publishing companies a future-proof approach to harnessing first-party data, ensuring continued growth and success in a changing digital landscape.

How Can We Help You?
I am a Marketer
I’m thinking about:
  • Driving digital transformation and innovation within the media/publishing company
  • Improving digital content strategy and distribution channels
  • Enhancing audience engagement and retention through digital platforms
Success is:
  • Increased digital revenue and profitability
  • Improved audience reach and engagement through digital platforms
  • Competitive advantage through innovative digital experiences and strategies”
Leverage Lab can help you:
  • Finally understand your users more deeply by unlocking your user data across the enterprise.
  • Deliver a more personalized customer experience to gain deeper engagement and monetization.
  • Leverage a robust methodology to deliver an audience and drive meaningful conversions holistically and constantly.
I am a Technologist
I’m thinking about:
  • Improving technology infrastructure and capabilities for a media/publishing company
  • Enhancing data management and analytics to support personalized content and advertising
  • Streamlining technology solutions for efficient content creation, distribution, and monetization
Success is:
  • Enhanced technology infrastructure for improved content creation, distribution, and monetization
  • Data-driven insights to optimize content strategy and advertising campaigns
  • Competitive advantage through innovative technology solutions and personalized experiences
Leverage Lab can help you:
  • Unite a complex technology stack and gain the huge upside benefits of unified customer profiles without massive infrastructure investment or upskilling.
  • Deploy solutions built by media industry veterans who are pioneers in leveraging first-party data for rapid product development. Our deep data competency, robust capabilities and laser focus on user data are a perfect partnership for any technology organization.
  • Bring new capabilities to market immediately with our combination of lightweight data infrastructure, product capabilities, production services, and robust analytics. You focus on selling we do the rest.
I am a Business Leader
I’m thinking about:
  • Increasing revenue and profitability in a competitive media/publishing industry
  • Improving audience engagement and retention
  • Driving digital transformation and leveraging data for personalized content and advertising
Success is:
  • Increased revenue through effective monetization of digital channels
  • Improved audience engagement and loyalty through personalized content and experiences
  • Competitive advantage through data-driven strategies and personalized advertising
Leverage Lab can help you:
  • Deploy an established suite of battle-tested first-party data marketing services solutions used by some of the leading media companies in both B2B and B2C, leveraging your high value audience data and robust analytics.
  • Bring new capabilities to market immediately with our combination of lightweight data infrastructure, product capabilities, production services, and robust analytics. You focus on selling we do the rest.
  • Create an always-on, data-driven audience development process with your data.  Leverage Lab’s proven audience development methodology combined with your high-value content continuously feeds your monetization strategies.

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