Increase customer value through personalization methodology.

Leverage what you KNOW about your customers across every touchpoint of the customer experience.

The Leverage Lab Way

At Leverage Lab, we have a proven process for transforming your first-party data into business growth. We simplify the complexities of data, utilize advanced analytics, and deliver personalized experiences that drive revenue, optimize marketing strategies, and turn low-value prospects into high-value customers.

Collect and Unify Data

Leverage Lab’s lightweight data model efficiently extracts relevant data from your enterprise sources, avoiding unnecessary complexity.


Behavior Signals

Leverage Lab uses AI to analyze your customer data revealing behavior signals like product interest, likelihood to convert, and potential effectiveness of paid media.



Segment your prospects and customers based on their value, from low to high CLTV. Micro-segment based on product interest and likelihood of progressing to the next value stage.



Deliver deeper personalization across all channels with micro-segmentation and behavioral signaling in customer data.


Test, Optimize & Score

Campaign performance details provide actionable attribution, delivering segment and individual campaign scores. Drive tighter and higher-performing segments with each campaign.

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