Modernize Digital Marketing

The future is personal....

Customers demand personalized experiences with brands and will seek out partners who deliver. Think only large enterprise organizations can afford to support personalization? Think again.

Even small challenger brands who want to grow as much as 40% faster than their competitors can modernize their digital marketing strategies and tactics with customer data to drive personalization.

Leverage Lab has a proven process to cost effectively and quickly deliver….

A purpose built, unified customer data infrastructure to bring together all of your customer data without the technology stack reinvention required by many data infrastructure projects.

A proven and scalable methodology for driving improved personalized customer experiences almost immediately.

Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole of use case delivery when there is a proven path to follow.

Tangible results with personalization.

We are laser focused on driving low value prospects into high value customers by leveraging your customer data to create personalized messages that resonate.

Improve Return on
Ad Spend

Get better return on your ad spend across the entire funnel with your own customer data.

Your customer data can deliver better ROAS at every stage of the customer journey. You can:

  • cost-effectively expand the top of your funnel with brilliant lookalike models
  • create better engagement with behavioral signals
  • drive mid-funnel strategies
  • leverage actionable attribution from your paid campaign execution

Leverage Lab has a proven customer data-centric methodology to…

Extract real time insights on the key factors in your customer data that predict growth, including:
current value stage
likelihood to convert to higher stages of value
product and services interest
deliver recommended paid channel, format and messaging for improved campaign performance.

Easily suppress your customers from paid campaign activations because you have your customer data unlocked.

Achieve zero wasted ad spend by focusing your paid efforts

Focus your advertising dollars in the channels where people are most likely to respond.

Our customer data model and data science deliver campaign performance scores back to your individual customer profiles, to be used again and again.

With your actionable attribution living in your first party data set, you can hack insights from advertising platforms like never before.

Optimize Martech

Get more value from your tech stack without blowing it up.

Get more value from your marketing technology stack by sharing insights from a higher brain. Bringing your customer data out of its silos and into a consolidated data infrastructure eliminates insights living in some, but not all, of your marketing tools.

Share the high value insights into the tools where your teams live. Deliver richer variable data to your email, marketing automation or journey orchestration tools than ever before.

Leverage AI built on the richest source of customer data, your consolidated data infrastructure.

Stop relying on individual point solutions to determine the best model for performance when they only have a small piece of the picture.

Eliminate the complicated pathways for data moving across a disjointed technology stack.

Organized customer data infrastructure can smooth the path and deliver data when, where and how it’s needed in scalable and repeatable ways.

Competitive Threats

Differentiate by personalizing. It's what your customers want!

First party customer data is your greatest asset. It comes straight from your customer, gained from an opted-in and value-based relationship. When fully leveraged to drive personalized experience across the customer journey, your marketing ROI can increase 5-8X, because your customer relationship is deepened. It’s a true win-win.

Why rely on the same audiences and 3rd party data that everyone else is using? Using first party data to truly understand your customer and their journey is the key to increased spend and loyalty.

Big tech has pulled the rug out from under marketers at every turn. Building your own rich first party data resource is your best hedge against the inevitable next change that will disrupt your current advertising methods.

Challenger brands are doubling down on customer experience and personalization. With fewer ad dollars to spend and a focus on customer experience, aggressive competitors are turning to their own customer data to drive disruption.

We have the master key to unlock the power
of your first party data. Let's chat.

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