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Recent successes with our publishers:

Created $12 Million dollars in NET NEW revenue with a new product suite.
Generated $500K per year in advertising revenue for one media company.
Increased revenue 35% YOY from previous 10% YOY losses.
◉ Accounted for 55% of annual revenue mix.

Leverage Lab is the secret to success for unlocking high-value Omeda data, increasing publisher advertising revenue, and improving return on ad spend (ROAS) for advertisers. Are you using Omeda to achieve similar results? We'd love to help!

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OMEDA is a leading end-to-end marketing platform with comprehensive technology that helps organizations unify data streams to create a holistic, 360° view of customers and orchestrate personalized journeys based on real-time customer behavior and preferences.

About Leverage Lab

Leverage Lab are first-party experts skilled in the selection, implementation, and execution processes for data-driven marketing technologies. We will monetize the data within your OMEDA platform.