7-Figure Incremental Revenue Stream


Data-driven revenue streams are a hot topic among media organizations.  A large member organization focused on health innovation, public policy, research, and analytics was seeking to productize their first-party data in an effort to create sophisticated marketing media solutions for their Fortune 100 technology marketing partners.


Their marketing partners were keenly interested in content marketing among a small band of highly influential executives.  This tight “buyers collective” controls decision-making around high-cost, lengthy sales cycle technology purchases for hospitals and health systems.  Some of the worlds largest technology brands are excited to take advantage of Account Based Marketing programs executed by Leverage Lab. These sophisticated multi-channel content marketing campaigns drive account penetration and engagement across key constituents but also generate significant new revenue.  Leverage Lab built a suite of new content marketing programs by leveraging their deep and robust first party audience data, the campaign orchestration capabilities of the CDP and our managed services capabilities.


By leveraging deep first party audience data, to create content marketing programs highly personalized to the “buyer collective” to drive significant growth in new marketing services revenue.

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