Data Analyst

Location: Kansas City, MO, Remote

Description: Leverage Lab specializes in leveraging first-party data to supercharge marketing performance. Creating truly one-to-one digital relationships requires a cohesive strategy and unified customer data. Leverage Lab’s unique blend of technical and personalized marketing experts clear that hurdle for clients through the use of Customer Data Platform technologies. By bringing customer data together, Leverage Lab accelerates performance with a data-driven marketing strategy – improving outcomes for all our clients.

The Data Analyst is responsible for the aggregation, analysis, and visualization of data for Leverage Lab clients.  The processing, interpretation, mapping, and visualizations allow end-users to clearly see the progression of a campaign and the ROI on marketing efforts.

The Data Analyst works with internal account managers, campaign managers, and development staff to dynamically report on client key performance indicators. In order to accomplish this, the Analytics Manager must be able to interpret, conjoin, and normalize differently, yet related, data from disparate sources. 

The individual must be analytical and prepared to adapt strategies and reports based on changing customer requirements.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Create, maintain, and optimize customer data stores within Leverage Lab’s Google Cloud Platform instance.
  • Aggregate and normalize customer data sources, updating changes on a daily basis. 
  • Create, maintain, and optimize the performance of client custom reports and dashboards.
  • Gather requirements and business process knowledge to transform and report data to satisfy Leverage Lab contractual obligations.
  • Continually improve data operations to increase the efficiency and capacity of the analytics department.
  • Maintain fluency in Leverage Lab and its clients’ third-party data applications. 
  • Prepare documentation for further reference.  


  • Detail-oriented: Observe and understand complicated instructions, analyze robust sets of data, and report on objectives.
  • Precise: Adhere to strict data extraction, transformation, and loading principles to preserve integrity.
  • Problem-solver: Able to see similarities between disparate systems, finding novel ways of combining tools and information to expand their capabilities and solve problems. 
  • Communicator: Employ strong interpersonal communication skills. Foster relationships with the Leverage Lab team and maintain excellent relationships with partners.


  • Experience with SQL query syntax
  • Advanced expertise in Microsoft Excel
  • Experience in data visualization tools such as Google Data Studio, MS Power BI, Domo, Tableau, Looker, etc.
  • Ability to react quickly and intelligently in dynamic situations
  • Bachelor’s degree
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