Splitting the Atom: Decoupling Audience from Inventory

Decoupling Audience from Inventory

Digiday Publishing Summit WorldwideWith almost three decades of digital advertising under their belts, publishers continue to perfect the art and science of attracting audiences most coveted by advertisers. But like an unstable isotope, there is a perfect storm of swirling particles that threatens publishers’ roles within the digital advertising ecosystem. Recent legislation in California and the EU portends more stringent privacy laws across the globe. Apple is forcing opt-in on IDFAs, the world’s most popular web browser, Google Chrome, is joining Safari and Firefox in discontinuing support of third-party cookies by year’s end — and undoubtedly the walled gardens will continue to consume a lion’s share of digital media spend.

These market forces leave every other online media organization to fight over crumbs and potentially face an extinction moment if they cannot harness the absolute value of their audiences on and offsite. Above is a recording of a Digiday Publishing Summit session with AnnMarie Wills, CEO & co-founder, Leverage Lab, and JT Grant, VP of Audience & Data, Informa Markets, discussing how Informa is reimagining itself as a behavioral data platform with infinite reach while still respecting the sacred value exchange with audiences.

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