Leverage Lab Featured at BIM 2020 Summit

BIM 2020 Summit

The Software & Information Industry Association event organizers have announced the addition of AnnMarie Wills, Leverage Lab co-founder and CEO, to the agenda of their BIM 2020 Summit. Joining AnnMarie is Leverage Lab client Aviation International News. Their session is entitled “Audience First: How Publishers Are Scaling First-Party Data To Better Compete With Social Media and Third-Party Providers” and will include practical examples of how publishers can unleash the full potential of first-party data to power new paid media strategies, personalized customer journeys, manage privacy consent, and create new revenue streams. Aviation International News

Organizers of the BIM 2020 Summit promise three days of cutting-edge tracks on strategy and revenue. Sessions will be led by fellow business information leaders looking to seize new opportunities and solutions for the upcoming year. BIMS is an opportunity to inform 2021 business strategy utilizing best practices and successes from leaders in our industry and connect directly with peers that you may not have seen all year. BIMS will deliver the information, innovations, content, and community to help you hit the ground running in 2021.

Over 30 sessions are planned to cover a wide range of topics relevant to B2B publishers, including:

  • What’s the future for events?
  • Pricing models to stay ahead of the curve
  • Marketing strategy playbooks for profit
  • Gaining a competitive advantage with your legacy business
  • Driving revenue in an all-digital environment
  • Creating high-margin data products
  • C-level discussions on reinventing the way we run our businesses during COVID-19 and beyond

You can register to attend virtually at https://www.siia.net/bims

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